Tuesday, October 4, 2011

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Case of the Runaway Hangers

Twas the night before company, and my house I had cleaned,
And hung up the laundry before retiring that eve.

I was snoring along, when it seemed I heard a sound,
A pitter patter of little feet, dancing around and round!

I arose from my bed, shook the sleep from my head,
And what should I find, but my hangers had fled!!

For there on the floor, in piles of great height,
Where the clothes I had hung before retiring last night.

I searched and I searched, but not a sign I could find,
"Where can they be hiding?", I thought in my mind.

Then suddenly I heard a noise..a great awful clatter!!!
I fell to my knees to see what's the matter.

When what do I find, but there neath my bed,
Was a fairy tale portal where lazy hangers head.

Twas a mystical place, full of joy and delight,
The perfect escape for a hanger in flight.

I stood and I watched, my heartbeat a fright,
For there were the hangers Id searched for that night!!

They were all there dancing, and singing with glee,
And the song they were singing?..it was making fun of me!!

"She'll be looking for us...and she'll never find,
The place where we're hiding..it won't enter her mind!

We'll be here for forever, we'll never go home!!!
We'll wonder these hills, with joy we will roam!

We'll stay up till midnight!!..no more early nights,
And we'll never be burdened by morning's bright light's.

For it's only at dawn we'll have just started sleeping
And sleep through the day and into the evening.

No worries of shirts and coats on our backs,
And none of her dresses, big skirts or his slacks!!"

I came to myself, as they whirled round with glee,
And said in my heart, "I'll end this fantasy!"

So I reached through the portal, and caught them by surprise!!
They were shocked that their plan had met it's demise!

When I got them all out, I gave them quite the lecture,
No more escaping to the portal of pleasure!!

I taped up the entrance, and blocked it with shoes,
And made sure those hangers couldn't run while I snooze.

So I re-hung the clothes, and retired to my bed,
With visions of hangers, running through my head.

All is quiet now, unless you really listen,
then you might hear the sounds of the socks I am missing.

For I'm sure I saw some dancing, in that portal of delight,
And had to leave them there....I'll get THEM another night;)

By: Christal Dowd